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Customers reward businesses with personalized service delivery

Twilio recently came out with a new report titled “State of Customer Engagement,” and the results speak to accelerating adoption of digital and web technologies by businesses to engage customers online. Customers are becoming more demanding of businesses as their expectations of online availability and ability increases, especially since they continue to increase the volume and breadth of their commercial interactions online. The businesses that respond to that demand by increasing the breadth and depth of their services online, as well as improving the digital experience overall, will differentiate themselves from their competition and be rewarded by loyal customers.

These are the main takeaways from Twilio’s report:

These are the five fundamentals of customer engagement, which emerged from our deep investigation of both consumer and B2C companies’ attitudes.

Make it digital

70% — that’s the average top line revenue increase among companies that invested in digital customer engagement over the past two years.

Make it personal

75% of companies think they’re providing good personalized experiences. But more than half of consumers disagree. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Lose your cookies

81% of companies are completely or substantially reliant on third-party cookies — even though this critical data source will not be available after 2023.

Close the trust gap

95% of B2C companies believe consumers trust their ability to protect data, but only 65% of consumers actually do trust these companies.

Engage smarter

Gen Zs and Millennials are more than twice as likely as Baby Boomers to have experienced digital fatigue in the past 30 days. Creating better (not more) interactions can ensure business doesn’t suffer as a result.”

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What is WebToq?

WebToq is a next-generation Remote Sales and Service platform for websites that allows a company’s agents to attend to web visitors directly and cross-interactively.

WebToq doesn’t just merely allow agents to chat with visitors and exchange basic information via a box in the corner of the website, WebToq creates web pages dynamically so the conversation takes place over the website itself, incorporating audio/video telephony, multimedia, interactive forms, eSigning, and much more!

Why Tell It When You Can Show It?

WebToq allows agents to send website visitors images, videos, forms, presentations, quotes, contracts, and more so those visitors can see and interact with those relevant tools, rather than having the agent explain them and then use another channel such as email to conclude a conversation.

And in that vain, here’s a video that better demonstrates what WebToq is all about…

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The All-New CrozTop Portal

Would you like to get better results from your website and engage more prospects? PointerTop Inc. introduces CrozTop, a new software designed to maximize your website, get more prospects and close more sales.

This new software will give your sales agents the opportunity to prospect more quickly and close B2B sales online and in real time. This software is designed with several innovative tools that will allow you to establish different strategies: you can send questionnaires and get immediate answers, share multimedia files, schedule appointments in real time, give out quotes and benefits through an interactive whiteboard but above all something unique in the market, talk through an in-web phone as if you were in a face-to-face conversation. Unique in the market.

All these advantages can only be offered by CrozTop, a patented software. Go a step forward in prospecting and selling your product or service.

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CrozTop now launched on AppSumo!

CrozTop now launched on AppSumo!

CrozTop is a new and innovative Remote Sales and Service application for websites created and patented by PointerTop, and it is now available on AppSumo, the premier business app marketplace. CrozTop allows sales and service agents to attend to their web visitors directly on a company’s website to close sales or fulfill service requests while engaging them via video calls and sharing files, videos, questionnaires, quotes, and other documents and items. CrozTop clients can boost sales conversions by 20-fold while increasing customer satisfaction.

AppSumo is where you can find the latest and greatest app innovations, accepting less than 6% of those apps that apply, at deeply discounted prices for members.

CrozTop now joins that elite list of business apps to offer you a limited-time deal when you join AppSumo: 90% off!

Please visit the deal page for more information:

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