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3 Effective Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

The term ‘sales productivity’ refers to the phenomenon of maximizing the company`s sales result while minimizing the resources expended. Here, the term ‘resources’ include anything involved in the process of sales generation such as cost, efforts, time, number of employees and technology.

The speed at which a company reaches its monthly and yearly profit goals is all what matters to survive in the commercial market. Whereas, for the overall growth of a company, it is mandatory to create an equilibrium between ROI, competency, technology advancement and sales productivity.

In short, you cannot expand your business and become a viable name in the commercial sector without increasing sales productivity. Here are a few effective and practical tips to increase sales productivity of your company.

Calculate the Productivity of Every Individual in Your Team

Company can measure the sales productivity of individuals by evaluation of the rate at which a respective sales assistant or salesperson surges the revenue graph of the company. In simple words, how efficient a salesperson is in finding out ways to increase the earning of a company through the process of sales.

In a team, few participants play a significant role in increasing sales whereas other salespersons either work to achieve the mentioned goal or rely on the cumulative progress of the team. Such employs impact negatively on the key players by bringing their enthusiasm down with their work attitude. That’s why the individual graph of sales productivity of every salesperson is vital for management. It helps them to appreciate the key players for their performance and boost the motivation of rest of the team. 

Design a Sales Process That Suits Your Company`s Work Environment

According to research by Vantage Point Performance, almost 66% of B2B sales teams around the world don’t even have any pre-defined sales process. The absence of sales process affects the productivity cycle because every salesperson starts following his/her way to process a lead.

In contrast, when every lead moves through the same steps, surveillance becomes easy for management and every salesperson what exactly he/she has to do in a particular situation. According to professional sales manager at a multinational company; “Proficiency goes up to 31% when a sales team has a defined sales process.”

Primary stages of the sales process include prospecting, qualifying, presenting, handling an objection, closing and nurturing stages. You can precisely mention the amount of time a person should utilize over each step.

Buy Effectual and Suitable Customer Help Desk Software

Technology advancement always supports the way of working and help every employee to improve their proficiency. Customer Help Desk Softwarecan support sales agents to attend clients through the cloud system. They also help in generating customized quotes for every client and allow the sales agent to keep a record of every critical detail. On the other hand, these software minimize the time required to process a lead and also help companies to establish a positive impact through quick responses for every query of their clients.

Follow the tricks mentioned above to improve the sales productivity of your team to increase the growth rate of your company. Don’t forget to give us your reviews related to the ideas presented in the blog.

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