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4 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support through Remote Agents according to

Remote Control Your Customer Support

Outsourcing always made sense. Even before the pandemic, the reasons to outsource were many. As one Arizona State University paper put it:

  • “Reduce and control costs of operation.
  • Improve the company’s focus.
  • Liberate inner sources for new purposes.
  • Increase efficiency for time-consuming functions that the company may lack resources for.
  • Use external resources as much as possible.
  • Sharing risks with a partner firm.”

Remote Work isn’t anything new, but it is something that’s sustainable now. Remote Contact Center Agents work anywhere with their own equipment. This brings at least four benefits to mind as reported by

1. Less Operating Costs

With remote agents working from home there’s less office costs. That includes any facilities and rent paid for office space. What’s more is that remote agents have their own equipment. Meaning companies in general spend much less on equipment acquisition. This streamlines a lot of costs.

2. Larger Potential Talent Pool for Customer Support Agents

According to; Having a remote work aned not having limitation for location is a win-win for both sides. It is enchanting for employees the flexibility of remote work offers, and for hiring you can have a larger possibility of specialized talent around the world.

Get to know the other 2 of the 4 benefits for Remote Work at:

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Tips to Improve Online Customer Service

Customers like simplicity in the buying process. So that it’s easy for them to do it, but they also want a robust system of personalized attention to answer their questions. Generate a sense of belonging and security within it by entering your personal and bank details. In short, good customer service.

At the beginning of 2020, when we were all in quarantine due to Covid, the stores had to adapt and offer free shipping options. Just as pick up in store option emerged. Nowaday, “49% of eCommerce leaders in Mexico will continue to offer these contactless payment and delivery methods, as they have improved the face-to-face experience of users.” According to a study conducted by Signifyd and Adobe.

Sometimes customer service is seen as a requirement only when a problem must be solved, but it should be seen as a comprehensive service from the beginning of the first interaction to the end and post-sale service.

According to 37% of buyers, their orders have been affected by errors on a weekly basis. For this reason, the most important challenge of B2B eCommerce is investing in reliable web structures and platforms that offer guarantees with special emphasis on user experience.For this reason, the most important challenge of B2B eCommerce is investing in reliable web structures and platforms that offer guarantees with special emphasis on user experience.

That is where you should start, fixing these errors so that people have a better experience and that these errors do not prevent them from returning to buy.

Suggestions that can be implemented to reduce errors:

  • Having multichannel strategies with the generation of paid and organic contact points, generation of specialized content for each channel and well-designed conversion opportunities for each one.
  • Provide security perception, such as: return of the purchase, payment against delivery and checkout process, which does not require many personal data.
  • Creation of experiences similar to B2C for buyers.
  • Implementation marketplaces.
  • Prevail experience on mobile devices.
  • Reduce the number of external partners, providers can become the cause of significant information leaks, so it is important to review in detail the background of these partners.

Now being aware that it is worth investing in seeking to provide the best customer experience. For online, offer an omnichannel, secure experience that can make communication as clear and similar as possible to a face-to-face one; We can consider WebToq as a platform that is a support to boost your business.

Are You WebToq’ing Yet?

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Enabling High-Touch Sales Online, White Paper

High-touch industries such as B2B software, real estate, and telecommunications, that require the engagement of an agent to sell and/ or service their products and services have been largely left behind by ecommerce technology, while low-touch industries such as books, apparel, electronics, and others thrive with continually evolving technologies.

Yet customers today are increasingly demanding that their commercial needs be met online as they look for faster and easier ways to shop for products and services. Global retail ecommerce grew at an astonishing rate of 24.6% in 2016 and took up 8.7% of the total retail market. Every day we find more examples of companies such as Amazon and EBay displacing traditional or brick-and-mortar counterparts as these counterparts are forced to retrench or restructure.

This White Paper explains how High-Touch companies can use PointerTop to engage their leads and customers online to meet that growing demand for online service. Contact us today to get your free copy over e-mail.

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What is WebToq?

WebToq is a next-generation Remote Sales and Service platform for websites that allows a company’s agents to attend to web visitors directly and cross-interactively.

WebToq doesn’t just merely allow agents to chat with visitors and exchange basic information via a box in the corner of the website, WebToq creates web pages dynamically so the conversation takes place over the website itself, incorporating audio/video telephony, multimedia, interactive forms, eSigning, and much more!

Why Tell It When You Can Show It?

WebToq allows agents to send website visitors images, videos, forms, presentations, quotes, contracts, and more so those visitors can see and interact with those relevant tools, rather than having the agent explain them and then use another channel such as email to conclude a conversation.

And in that vain, here’s a video that better demonstrates what WebToq is all about…

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