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How Chatbots Can Help Grow Your Small Business.

Jason Junge, PointerTop CEO, interviewed by Business News Daily.

…If the company’s brand is fun, the chatbot should be fun. If [it’s] serious and professional, the same [goes] for the chatbot,” said Jason Junge, CEO of PointerTop. “It’s also important that the chatbot be succinct and to the point … otherwise, visitors will feel that their time is being wasted as most do today with automated phone answering systems.

Key takeaway: Before going live with a chatbot, make sure the chatbot reply messages are clear and complement your company’s branding. 

What are some effective strategies for chatbot replies?

Below are some examples of tactics and styles small business owners can employ with their AI chatbot responses:

  • Sales. Chatbots can provide sales reps with solid leads, but according to Junge, they need to focus on qualifying questions and capturing contact information at the same time. The responses should lead the prospect to the correct funnel.
  • Customer service. When using chatbots for customer service, keep the chatbot reply message short, clear and concise to prevent the customer from exiting the conversation, said Junge.
  • Marketing and engagement. The responses your chatbot provides when it’s performing marketing functions will depend on your particular goals. If it’s to direct users to a certain page of your website, use the chatbot to invite them to learn more. If you want to generate buzz, the chatbot can offer a discount or deal in exchange for an individual’s email address.
  • Surveys. Surveys are a great way to get customer feedback or glean ideas for new products and services. Chatbot responses can vary. “The format varies, depending on the length and subject-matter of the survey,” Junge said…

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