WebToq is now omnichannel! Connect powerfully with your customers, wherever they are! 

Pointertop Inc. is proud to announce the release of the WebToq OmniChannel upgrade to its WebToq fully interactive platform.

This release was developed to give our WebToq users more communications flexibility and several tools to both increase productivity and improve their interaction with each other. Each upgrade gets us closer to a true virtual one-on-one in store sales process or an office consultation presentation.

The objective of this launch is to provide more ways for the agent to effectively communicate with the client over different social media or communication platforms.

With this upgrade, we are adding multi-channel communications thereby unifying incoming Web, Facebook and Whatsapp messages into one platform to make web-based communications more convenient and powerful for businesses.

Benefits of this launch:

– Integration of more media for convenient and powerful interaction.

– Offer a higher level of personalization.

– Help customers and provide real time responses.

– Better manage your interactions.

Why is WebToq making these improvements?

Many clients will enter a website and begin conversations through chats. Large sections of the client base will come in through Facebook or Whatsapp or other social media communications platforms and if your website is not interfaced with these platforms, it will be next to impossible to effectively interact with that client.

It is necessary to be able to push forms, have multiple simultaneous content distribution, multiple sessions, easy back buttons, and image sharing ability at the beginning of any conversation started on any social media or web platform.

What’s new with message input?

Interface for pending messages:

There is new management of messages coming from the “Contact Us” section and emails. The interface will sort messages according to age, will have the capability to assign messages to specific agents and to push a message to an agent when assigning a message. Since these messages are less urgent than a message that may arrive in the site chat, they are managed separately so as not to distract the agent.

Answer your social network messages by SMS or email:

Not only can you answer messages from those same media through SMS and email but also messages that can reach you through LinkedIn or Yelp. It is much more efficient than having to enter each of your social media accounts separately.

What’s new with shared content?

Multiple content at the same time:

The platform now has the capability to have longer conversations with different types of content. The chatbot subsystem now allows setting the chatbot’s decision tree nodes as content plus a question instead of just a question so that the chatbot will send two pieces of content, one after the other.

Sharing all types of graphics:

A new button has been added to push multimedia content, the whiteboard, shopping cart and even specific items as a shared document to the client’s same whiteboard or to their mail, depending on how they want it.

What’s new with conversations?

Email to the customer at the end of the conversation:

The questions and answers that were discussed during the conversation session will be sent to the customer’s email when the customer terminates the conversation. This is exclusive to the customer. Questions and answers will not be sent to the agent.

Pre-conversation questionnaire:

There will be the capability of requesting to fill out a customized form with the desired fields before starting the conversation. The conversation will not start until it is completed and submitted.

What’s new with calls?

Call Logging for incoming calls:

When an agent receives a call, this agent can then send content and a link through text messaging to the client. The client will then have access to the content as well as be able to connect to the WebToq platform.

WebToq is now omnichannel! Web chat, SMS, email, social media, CRM, and calls all integrated in one powerful live agent platform!

This has been a short summary of some of the main enhancements to the WebToq platform through the WebToq OmniChannel release. These are powerful web sales tools that will put “the force” back into your sales force.

You can contact us via chat or send us an email to info@webtoq.com and we will find the most convenient way to explain it to you.

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The True Promise of AI: Transform Employee Productivity

I think that we all have heard about Artificial Intelligence and maybe some of us might understand it more profoundly than others but you can look at it from a very simple sentence: Information Programs that simulate human intelligence and/or human behaviors. As it implies the management of the data or looking for a new one for its better functioning.

 AI can work with virtually anything or data that can be digitized, whether its alphanumeric characters, language spoken and written in different languages, static and moving images, sounds, temperatures, and things that can be picked up by a sensor, camera, microphone, mousse, keyboard, or touch device.

With this mentioned we can imagine that AI can be present almost anywhere and involved in various things of our daily lives. Quite useful for certain sectors such as banking, education, medical, industrial and many more.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to revolutionize our workplace and increase profits. It also takes over the repetitive and dangerous tasks of humans, providing enough time for employees to focus their intellect to further improve the business. Artificial intelligence has gradually become the tool that consolidates the ideas of humanism and takes them to the next level.

Have you heard about Technological Humanism?

Technological humanism can be described as a philosophy or ideological current that focuses on the intersection between ethics and technological innovation. In this sense, it defends the responsible use of innovative technology for the benefit of society and promotes innovation through ethical channels that guarantee the development of human beings.

  This ideology aims to put the human being before technology by protecting him and his information. Many times, we give access to our information by accepting the privacy notices that are in the cell phone software, applications, web pages and others.

   “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race” — Stephen Hawking

These are some of the objectives with which technological humanism is formed:

– Pattern recognition for process optimization: Automatation leads to higher production rates, devolp data consistency, increased productivity, reduced lead times, and more…

Error reduction: Increasing accuracy and precision considering opportunities based on previous analyzed data.

– Takes care of repetitive and dangerous tasks: They can provide accurate work with greater responsibility and not wear out easily.

– Time for employees to focus bentheir intellect: AI can do a lot of repetitive tasks as part of our daily work, such as checking documents for flaws and mailing thank-you notes, among other things. Letting humans focused on more creatuve things.

Humanistic Technology at WebToq

AI vs. humanistic technology: Our company, WebToq, was created with precisely this movement in mind: to create humanistic technology. Human beings are naturally social, individualistic and creative beings, destined to extract meaning through interaction with others.

Using automation or artificial intelligence (AI) to remove human agents from business interactions loses the sense of human interaction in general (extracting meaning from other human beings), and loses the potential productivity derived from human creativity specifically. The true potential of AI is to make human interaction faster, cheaper, more productive and more comfortable, but not to replace it.

Our CrozTop platform has been designed with these advantages in mind: allowing consumers to browse websites productively with the help of automation when needed and for as long as possible, and then integrating human agents at the end to complete the transaction and increase satisfaction, basket size and carry out essential consumer education.

The result is a happier, better-educated customer who spends more money compared to a self-navigating customer, and with much less labor involvement compared to a call center transaction.

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Understanding the difference Between a Client Experience and a User Experience

Companies seek to give the necessary importance to the customer experience to have a positive customer response. 82% of brands believe they are delivering an optimal experience. However, 90% of consumers believe that brands fail to deliver a good customer experience.

This is where it comes into question what companies are doing wrong, how to remedy it? 71% of consumers who have effective experiences with brands on social networks, recommend them to family and friends. Likewise, when they have bad experiences, they will tell others about them.

To solve this lack of satisfaction it is important to identify it in depth, as can be done with satisfaction surveys and from there to perform a Design Thinking to design the solution to the problem. Some fundamental practices or methodologies for a well-planned customer service are: Costumer Journey, Sales Funnel and Buyer Persona.

Continuing with the experience, reading customer experience and user experience may seem to refer to the same thing, don’t you think? You are right, the user and customer perform similar activities.

The difference lies in the fact that the customer is someone who has a more general experience, it can be of the set of brand channels with which he interacted and depending on this experience is when loyalty is generated with it or not.

The user experience is more specific as it can be directly with a product or service of the brand. This is where the interaction comes in, whether it was easy or not to use and whether it generated a positive or negative experience. The user experience is a part of what encompasses what is the customer experience.

What does the customer experience consist of?

It can be simplified with this formula: CX = UX + Customer Service + Marketing

For a better understanding of Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) here are some elements of both:

Customer serviceUsability
Sales processInteraction design
Fair pricesVisual design
Brand reputationInformation architecture
Product deliveryContent strategy
User experienceClient research

As we can see, both are very important and although both have the same objective, which would be to generate a satisfactory experience, they are measured in different ways. It is common to pay more attention to the customer experience because for years that is what has been done. Nowadays, since the beginning of the pandemic, more emphasis has been placed on the experience and use of digital platforms that are as friendly, simple and comfortable for the user.

It is not about exceeding the user’s expectations and that the user does not even know what to do with so much, no matter how modern it may seem, what should be focused on is to minimize frictions, at what points along the way the user may get stuck or there may be a higher abandonment rate.

Example to differentiate user experience from customer experience

Let’s suppose you sign up for an online event, you are redirected to a landing page with all the information about the event, you register your data and receive your confirmation email. Up to this point you had a good user experience. The day of the event you arrive and they don’t let you in because apparently you were not among the registered people, nobody paid attention to you to solve your problem and you had to wait more than 45 minutes to access. This is where the customer experience failed on the part of the company and even though you had a good user experience not being able to enter the event will result in a bad satisfaction.

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30 Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Work

At present, Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers and it is being used by more than 1 billion people worldwide due to its speed, functionality, display of web pages, user-friendly design, etc. Google chrome extensions or plug-ins are something that makes this browser even more useful especially for marketers and bloggers as it allows them to do a lot of things much faster with digital marketing tools.

However, there are more than 10,000 chrome extensions and the best 30 Google chrome extensions have been assembled in this post.

1. Grammarly

digital marketing tools

2. Keywords Everywhere

digital marketing tools

If you don’t want to use Google Adwords every time but would like to know the volume of searches for a particular keyword, then Keywords Everywhere would be the extension to use. Besides Google search, it is compatible with Google trends, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and many others.

3. ScribeFire

ScribeFire is an easy-to-use editor which allows you to make necessary changes and update a blog that you have already published. This Google Chrome extension provides you this option even if your blog published without proofreading.

4. Email Hunter

If you want to find the email address present on a website easily and quickly, then the Email Hunter extension is what you need. This chrome extension is very useful for marketers since it allows them to contact various companies through their blog or website.

5. SEOQuake

digital marketing tools

SEO Quake is a free plug-in that enables digital marketers to perform SERP analysis, monitor important SEO metrics, SEO audits of webpages, URL comparisons, and other functions. Marketers can use this digital marketing tools to monitor their website.

6. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang helps to manage your email marketing campaigns. The most important feature of this extension is that you can send pre-drafted emails at a later date, find out when a subscriber reads an email, and track messages. It will help you to boost Web Sales.

7. LastPass

digital marketing tools

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that saves passwords for several usernames and allows you to access it securely. This free extension allows to control and administer access to many apps and websites easily.

8. Link Miner

This is the best chrome extension for finding broken links and fixing them quickly and easily. This saves time as you don’t need to click every link to see if the correct web page is displayed. You need only click on the button instead.

9. Buffer

digital marketing tools

Buffer is a user-friendly platform that allows you to share any post, video, or image on social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter directly from the website. It allows marketers to manage multiple accounts on various platforms.

10. VidIQ Vision

Vid IQ Vision increases your video marketing potential as it helps to get more views. It displays a complete report helping you to understand the way videos rank and the status of the video in terms of YouTube SEO optimization.

11. ColorZilla

digital marketing tools

With ColorZilla, you come to know about the color at any point on the browser once you click on the extension. Some of the other features are Eyedropper, Advanced color picker, Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator, and Webpage Color Analyzer.

12. What Font

This great Google chrome extension enables you to find out the font of any website without being a web designer. If you like the font on any webpage and want use the same on your site, this extension can provide the font information.

13. What Runs

What Runs is a Google Chrome extension that provides various information about a particular website. It tells you about the analytics tool, WordPress plugins, fonts, and framework that has been used in a website.

14. Similar Web

digital marketing tools

The Similar Web extension provides data related to overall website traffic, website ranking, and the source of traffic enabling businesses to measure their web presence and Boost Web Sales.

15. Similar Site

Similar Sites is suitable for digital marketers performing a lot of research. It is similar to YouTube recommendations and it efficiently searches for and filters sites that are in the same line of business you are browsing. You can use this digital marketing tools to find our relevant competitors which can help you boost web sales.

16. Follow.net

Follow.net is a very popular extension that helps to perform competitive analysis on other relevant sites within a few seconds. Clicking on this extension will display the traffic estimates, SEO strategies, user demographics, reverse IPs and other valuable information.

17. Screencastify

digital marketing tools

Is a Google extension that allows you to record, edit and submit videos from a browser tab, web cam or PC desktop view . Using the editor, one can embed a microphone and a webcam, set the FPS, add a spotlight on the mouse and use the pen tool.

18. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is an extension with which you can save a video or an article to view or study later from any other device. It is simple but valuable for digital marketers.

19. Facebook Pixel Helper

This extension is required for posting Facebook advertisements on your website. It tells you about pixels fired, and pixel events and indicates errors. It helps to boost web sales.

20. Awesome Screenshot

With Awesome Screenshot, you can fully or partially capture a website. This excellent plug-in allows you to add comments to a screenshot, take screencast videos and blur sensitive information.

21. WiseStamp

digital marketing tools

WiseStamp extension enables you to incorporate a visually appealing professional email signature. This allows you to share your work, add links to social networks, promote blog posts, etc.

22. Nimbus

With Nimbus, you can capture screenshots efficiently and quickly to include with descriptions and titles made in your posts. The captured screenshots can be edited, and customized and new designs can also be created.

23. Honey

digital marketing tools

The extension Honey can be used to provide coupon codes automatically with purchases made while online shopping. The coupon code can be added with just a single click.

24. Spots

Spots is a Google Chrome extension that helps to organize the home page of a website in an efficient and effective manner. It is an excellent tool for web page development on android devices.

25. Word Count Tool

This is a simple yet powerful tool for bloggers which helps to know the word count of specific content on any website. You just need to select the text, right-click and choose the tool.

26. Headlinr

Headlinr is a headline generator tool and it can generate email subject lines, social status updates, and headlines for blog posts and sales copy. You just need to enter a target keyword and this extension will generate a headline automatically.

27. Ever Note Web Clipper

digital marketing tools

EverNote Web Clipper helps to clip a webpage or part of it quickly or take notes from it. The notes get saved in the EverNote account and can be accessed even when offline.

28. ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

If you require private and secure internet access during critical web transactions, then ExpressVPN serves this purpose. It provides an added layer of protection and the ability to check VPN status quickly.

29. Stay Focused

digital marketing tools

As the name implies, this tool is a productivity extension that helps you to stay focused on work by restricting distractions in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can configure the extension to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages, even specific in-page content like videos, games, images and forms.

30. Google Translate

Google Translate is a chrome extension directly translates articles from a website. If you want to read texts in languages other than your default language, you just need to select the text to translate, right click and select the chrome extension.

These chrome extensions are worth trying and if you know any other extension that is useful, don’t forget to share it with us.

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