Top Mistakes that Hinder your Conversational Marketing

1. Going Directly to the Sale: 

Sometimes when the users do not know your service, they first want to check out your website. You must know how to approach them and not go directly to the sales process. A live agent can be very helpful so you can start a conversation with the person and aim at getting to know the potential customer and his goals. Doing this helps create rapport with potential customers, and you can even get to a point where people come back to your site just so they can talk to one of your live agents.

2. Too Little Visual Content: 

When talking to a human being, gestures and facial expressions help understand the person. When you write a message online, you don’t get those visual cues, so talking to a chatbot is often impersonal and even boring. Think about how you communicate online using text: we normally use some emojis, stickers or GIFs to show a recipient our emotions but what we cannot show are our gestures.

Share videos, images and even presentations wherever possible to convey human and emotions and connect customers to your brand.

 3. Believing that the Chatbot Will Solve All Your Problems:

Conversational Marketing is not just chatbots. It is the way you can connect live agents with your customers in ways that are simple, useful, and effective. Chatbots are great tools for answering FAQs that would otherwise take up expensive agent time, as well as being effective filtering tools to get the most promising interactions in front of your live agents.

Consider this for website chat, text messages, messenger, WhatsApp and other means of communication.

4. Not Updating the System From Time to Time:

Glitches and errors are very common in a chatbot. A successful conversational platform is one which is maintained and updated regularly. It is highly recommended to establish a periodic critique and maintenance schedule to guarantee this optimum level of success.

After you have given the customer a certain amount of essential information, evaluate his response times, analyze cases of misunderstandings, make sure you are able to decipher the queries, even when they are very long or misspelled, and ask the users if they have received a satisfactory answer to their question.

Remember that your interactions via your different media and tools reflect your brand and its values. Give your customers exactly what they need exactly when they need it. To satisfy your visitors, you must know them well, master their language habits, and learn from the interactions that have resulted in a high satisfaction rate. If you continue to enrich your knowledge of your market’s goals, you will notice a definite increase in interactive marketing success.

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