Best Branding Practices Every Small Business Should Implement

Your business brand is a collective concept with many forms, including visual, reputational, and emotional. How you present your company will directly affect your success, which is why it is crucial that you focus on creating a cohesive, well-planned brand. Here are a few branding best practices that can help your company identify itself.

Identify Your Target Market

One of the most important efforts in market research is identifying your target market. First, you want to know your customer base and competition. Start by looking at specific characteristics of the demographic you want to reach. For example, determine the age, income, gender, and geographic area of the customer. Then look at the industry as a whole and the structure and finances of the business in the industry. What are consumers buying, and what are they missing? Then you can find your niche and your target audience from there.

Hire a Graphic Designer

Some elements of your brand you can do on your own. For example, you can figure out your mission statement and how to relay what you stand for as a company. However, there are specific elements better left to professionals. A graphic designer is a great place to start. You need someone who can help you create a professional visual brand that stands out and isn’t dated. When working with them on design ideas, be sure to keep information organized using a free PDF editor tool to combine images. You’ll be able to send files back and forth with the designer and make notes, highlight important concepts, and add text to imagery when you want to, without worrying that elements will be lost in lengthy emails.

Communicate Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is not only important for the environment, but it is also important for brands as well. Consumers expect companies to do their part to communicate and practice sustainability. This means making a statement visible on your website discussing the importance of using sustainable practices and how your company intends to do it. For example, you can discuss your intent to use recycled packaging. Maybe your company pledges to use local resources only. Transparency is key to this part of your brand. Don’t be afraid to share behind the scenes of the production. Because consumers are becoming more conscious of company morality, you can make a name for yourself just by showing how you run your company. 

Focus on Social Media

Social media is a vital element of marketing. It’s one of the best ways to get your brand out to the public and reach your target audience. It is also the best place to establish your visual brand. With the help of your graphic designer, you can create an online look using your logo, brand colors, and tagline. Given the importance of social media, you may want to hire a social media marketing expert. Research shows that the most effective way to reach your market is to post with clear intentions.

Be Accessible

Want to make a name for yourself quickly? Start with the customer service. Be accessible to customers. That means making sure you answer all inquiries quickly and be honest about mishaps.

Branding has plenty of room for innovation. Follow these proven best practices, but don’t be afraid to explore ideas. As long as you make a positive impact, your brand will stay strong.

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WebToq is now Onmichannel! Connect Powerfully with Your Customers Wherever They Are!

Pointertop Inc. is proud to announce the release of the WebToq OmniChannel upgrade to its WebToq fully interactive platform.

This release was developed to give our WebToq users more communications flexibility and several tools to both increase productivity and improve their interaction with each other. Each upgrade gets us closer to a true virtual one-on-one in store sales process or an office consultation presentation.

The objective of this launch is to provide more ways for the agent to effectively communicate with the client over different social media or communication platforms.

With this upgrade, we are adding multi-channel communications thereby unifying incoming Web, Facebook and Whatsapp messages into one platform to make web-based communications more convenient and powerful for businesses.

Benefits of this launch:

– Integration of more media for convenient and powerful interaction.

– Offer a higher level of personalization.

– Help customers and provide real time responses.

– Better manage your interactions.

Why is WebToq making these improvements?

Many clients will enter a website and begin conversations through chats. Large sections of the client base will come in through Facebook or Whatsapp or other social media communications platforms and if your website is not interfaced with these platforms, it will be next to impossible to effectively interact with that client.

It is necessary to be able to push forms, have multiple simultaneous content distribution, multiple sessions, easy back buttons, and image sharing ability at the beginning of any conversation started on any social media or web platform.

What’s new with message input?

Interface for pending messages:

There is new management of messages coming from the “Contact Us” section and emails. The interface will sort messages according to age, will have the capability to assign messages to specific agents and to push a message to an agent when assigning a message. Since these messages are less urgent than a message that may arrive in the site chat, they are managed separately so as not to distract the agent.

Answer your social network messages by SMS or email:

Not only can you answer messages from those same media through SMS and email but also messages that can reach you through LinkedIn or Yelp. It is much more efficient than having to enter each of your social media accounts separately.

What’s new with shared content?

Multiple content at the same time:

The platform now has the capability to have longer conversations with different types of content. The chatbot subsystem now allows setting the chatbot’s decision tree nodes as content plus a question instead of just a question so that the chatbot will send two pieces of content, one after the other.

Sharing all types of graphics:

A new button has been added to push multimedia content, the whiteboard, shopping cart and even specific items as a shared document to the client’s same whiteboard or to their mail, depending on how they want it.

What’s new with conversations?

Email to the customer at the end of the conversation:

The questions and answers that were discussed during the conversation session will be sent to the customer’s email when the customer terminates the conversation. This is exclusive to the customer. Questions and answers will not be sent to the agent.

Pre-conversation questionnaire:

There will be the capability of requesting to fill out a customized form with the desired fields before starting the conversation. The conversation will not start until it is completed and submitted.

What’s new with calls?

Call Logging for incoming calls:

When an agent receives a call, this agent can then send content and a link through text messaging to the client. The client will then have access to the content as well as be able to connect to the WebToq platform.

WebToq is now omnichannel! Web chat, SMS, email, social media, CRM, and calls all integrated in one powerful live agent platform!

This has been a short summary of some of the main enhancements to the WebToq platform through the WebToq OmniChannel release. These are powerful web sales tools that will put “the force” back into your sales force.

You can contact us via chat or send us an email to and we will find the most convenient way to explain it to you.

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The True Promise of AI: Transform Employee Productivity

I think that we all have heard about Artificial Intelligence and maybe some of us might understand it more profoundly than others but you can look at it from a very simple sentence: Information Programs that simulate human intelligence and/or human behaviors. As it implies the management of the data or looking for a new one for its better functioning.

 AI can work with virtually anything or data that can be digitized, whether its alphanumeric characters, language spoken and written in different languages, static and moving images, sounds, temperatures, and things that can be picked up by a sensor, camera, microphone, mousse, keyboard, or touch device.

With this mentioned we can imagine that AI can be present almost anywhere and involved in various things of our daily lives. Quite useful for certain sectors such as banking, education, medical, industrial and many more.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to revolutionize our workplace and increase profits. It also takes over the repetitive and dangerous tasks of humans, providing enough time for employees to focus their intellect to further improve the business. Artificial intelligence has gradually become the tool that consolidates the ideas of humanism and takes them to the next level.

Have you heard about Technological Humanism?

Technological humanism can be described as a philosophy or ideological current that focuses on the intersection between ethics and technological innovation. In this sense, it defends the responsible use of innovative technology for the benefit of society and promotes innovation through ethical channels that guarantee the development of human beings.

  This ideology aims to put the human being before technology by protecting him and his information. Many times, we give access to our information by accepting the privacy notices that are in the cell phone software, applications, web pages and others.

   “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race” — Stephen Hawking

These are some of the objectives with which technological humanism is formed:

– Pattern recognition for process optimization: Automatation leads to higher production rates, devolp data consistency, increased productivity, reduced lead times, and more…

Error reduction: Increasing accuracy and precision considering opportunities based on previous analyzed data.

– Takes care of repetitive and dangerous tasks: They can provide accurate work with greater responsibility and not wear out easily.

– Time for employees to focus bentheir intellect: AI can do a lot of repetitive tasks as part of our daily work, such as checking documents for flaws and mailing thank-you notes, among other things. Letting humans focused on more creatuve things.

Humanistic Technology at WebToq

AI vs. humanistic technology: Our company, WebToq, was created with precisely this movement in mind: to create humanistic technology. Human beings are naturally social, individualistic and creative beings, destined to extract meaning through interaction with others.

Using automation or artificial intelligence (AI) to remove human agents from business interactions loses the sense of human interaction in general (extracting meaning from other human beings), and loses the potential productivity derived from human creativity specifically. The true potential of AI is to make human interaction faster, cheaper, more productive and more comfortable, but not to replace it.

Our CrozTop platform has been designed with these advantages in mind: allowing consumers to browse websites productively with the help of automation when needed and for as long as possible, and then integrating human agents at the end to complete the transaction and increase satisfaction, basket size and carry out essential consumer education.

The result is a happier, better-educated customer who spends more money compared to a self-navigating customer, and with much less labor involvement compared to a call center transaction.

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