CrozTop is now WebToq!!!

CrozTop is changing names, and now will be known as WebToq, the cross-interactive remote sales and service platform! And in order to avoid confusion, we are also dropping the public use of our corporate name PointerTop to focus solely on building and spreading our new brand.

WebToq has gone through an enormous amount of work and development to now become not just a website conversion portal, but a patented, multimedia, multi-tool, conversational, cross-interactive, and multi-channel platform for sales and service. Our clients now can fully engage their leads and customers across their digital properties to provide sales and support service that is engaging and empowering, allowing them to stand out from the competition, while boosting conversions and satisfaction. We felt we had outgrown CrozTop since we were now much more than cross-interactivity, and WebToq better portrays the conversational aspect of our platform.

We’ve moved our offices from Tempe to Scottsdale, Arizona, and changed our name to match. Now that Conversational Sales and Marketing has emerged as a new digital industry, WebToq is now here to take the lead as innovator.

So the only question that is left to ask is–Are You WebToq’ing yet?!

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WJR Business Beat w/Jeff Sloan: E-Commerce Success Tips ft. CEO of PointerTop

As we know, the COVID crisis has dramatically increased the movement of businesses from a primary brick-and-mortar focus to the online world. There’s no doubt that e-commerce is where the action is today.

Jason Junge, founder and CEO of PointerTop, a leading provider of online marketing and website sales conversion tools, shares how to best optimize your customer’s user experience by making it convenient and efficient.

You need to focus on making your transactions and your customer service as fast, as convenient and as targeted as possible for users and your customers. So that means embedding tools, processes into your website, into your landing pages that makes that experience customized and personalized and immediate.

– Jason Junge

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