Create your Customer WOW with CrozTop!

Do you provide PREMIUM customer service in person and over the phone, but can’t figure out how to do it online? Is your customer service a point of differentiation for your business, yet your website functions just like all the others?

CrozTop enables you to staff your website with your sales and customer agents so you can:

  • Talk to them directly through the website without switching to a phone
  • Use cross-interactive tools to sell and support such as…
  • …instant quoting, contract signing, questionnaires, whiteboarding, and more
  • Stop using phone numbers, faxes, emails, and conference sites–just market and tend to your website!

This immediate and multi-media gratification of your customers will leave them WOWED! They’ve never experienced this before and will want to share it with others–that’s the WOW-Factor.

Be different, be productive, be powerful, with CrozTop!

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CrozTop puts businesses back to work–remotely!

PointerTop today announced a new campaign to help businesses get their front-line employees selling and supporting their customers once again, online. Many companies have had to close their offices and stores as a response to the Coronavirus, sending their employees home and closing their doors to potential customers. Fortunately PointerTop’s cross-interactive platform CrozTop allows a company to mirror their offline sales and support processes online.

With CrozTop, sales and service employees can talk to customers through the company website or landing pages, filling out questionaires, showing testimonial or demo videos, offering customized quotes, signing contracts, sharing files and websites, and more, in order to re-launch sales and service.

To help companies launch their CrozTop experience, PointerTop is offering the platform for free for 3 months to all businesses through the end of April.

For more information please visit our promotional page or call at 480-499-5255.

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Welcome to Pointertop!

The PointerTop team would like to welcome you to a new technology and a new way of servicing your customers—an altogether new way of doing business! Although PointerTop’s High-Touch eCommerce platform is especially designed for companies with high-touch products and services, we estimate that eventually most companies with an online presence will join the PointerTop wave and use our multi-media platforms in various ways.

PointerTop’s patent-pending High-Touch eCommerce platforms can help you sell to customers online; educate customers; train employees; provide customer support; and provide consulting services. We will help you customize your PointerTop interface to match your company processes, products, services, scripts, and protocols, so that your customer interaction is high-quality and consistent from customer representative to customer representative.

PointerTop is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is here to help you improve your productivity and effectiveness by moving your high-touch operations online. Would you like to find out more? Go to our Contact section and get in touch with us right now!

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The PointerTop story, radio interview

Jason Junge, CEO of PointerTop interviewed on “Pilgrim on the 405 Radio”, about the origin, development, and daily dramas behind the PointerTop startup and its innovation. More