WebToq- Our Story
WebToq is the better way to communicate

As a company we previously suffered with a complicated spaghetti mess of communications platforms that were too expensive, difficult to learn and train, and led to poor conversions and falling satisfaction all-around. Disappointment with the results we were getting led us to reimagine how we would communicate with our customers, focusing on two main principles:

Give agents easy access to customer conversations regardless of the source.
Create brandable and productive experiences for customers using next-generation innovations.
Complete Communications start with WebToq LIVE
Introducing WebToq LIVE for Calls & Texts
Convenient and Powerful
Customers demand convenience and effectiveness, and we are laser-focused on delivering for our clients

We’ve been sourcing, developing, and patenting our unique solutions to make business communications easier and more effective for us and our clients; solutions that…

Create a high-touch and humanistic experience across all channels.
Convert an audio call into a video and multimedia, interactive session, at the touch of a buttonwith a VoIP Contact Center.
Reduced Time-on-Call
Satisfaction Score Boost
Conversion Boost
Complete Communications, Part 1
Unified Communications, all your Critical Conversations in One App

Unified communications at Webtoq seamlessly integrates a VoIP Contact Center, centralizing all your essential in/outbound communications within a single application. Whether on your desktop phone, PC, or mobile phone. Phone conversations, faxing, business texting, web conferencing, data sharing, auto attendants, and much more. All your remote support tools in one app, by one provider, in one smaller invoice!

Complete Communications, Part 2
LIVE, interactive web sessions; close sales online without the back-and-forth

WebToq LIVE launches a multimedia and interactive session with an active phone call or text, with a touch-of-a-button.

LIVE also integrates all your other inbound digital communications into one platform to minimize deployment, maintenance, and training costs.

Regardless of the inbound channel, LIVE, powered by our cutting-edge VoIP Contact Center technology at WebToq, empowers agents with access to interactive multimedia remote support tools. Convert sales and resolve customer issues instantly: videos, images, file sharing, website sharing, quotes, scheduling, presentations, esigning, and more!

WebToq – Get More And Save More
With WebToq you get one solution on one bill,
unique features, plus savings.
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Clients Can’t Stop Showing Off WebToq
Frequenty Asked Questions
You Have Questions, We Have Answers

How does an agent access company content to send customers?

Company content is pre-loaded onto the WebToq LIVE platform so agents can filter, search, and send it to customers at the click-of-a-button.

Can I use WebToq LIVE with my own phone system?

Yes, you can integrate WebToq LIVE into your own phone system as long as it can handle Call Groups with external agents, working as a VoIP Contact Center. Please call us for more information.

How long does it take to get WebToq LIVE going?

You can have WebToq LIVE up-and-running in 15 minutes; then it’s time to customize and pre-load.

Why do we pay per seat and not per agent login?

WebToq LIVE allows you to have an unlimited number of agent logins, but you only pay per concurrent agent answering sessions. We do this to keep billing simple and convenient, as well as keeping costs down for our clients.